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April 28, 200511:34 AM

E-Myth Master Michael Gerber Gives A Free Webinar

If you own a business then you should own Michael Gerber's E-Myth book.

Thanks to the kind people at Microsoft and their acquisition of Placeware, which is now LiveMeeting, they are offering a bunch of free webinars. While some of them are very useful, some of them are a little too sales pitchy. This one should deliver.

On May 10th at 12:00 pm (Eastern time), Michael Gerber, Chairman of E-Myth Worldwide, will be presenting for free, The Entrepreneurial Leader.

From the email blast, it says that Gerber will cover:

- How to Dream like an Entrepreneur
- How to Manifest Your Dream as Reality in a Business of Your Own
- How to Think Systemically
- How to Inspire Others to Pursue Your Vision

I'm looking forward to this. When it comes to understanding an entrepreneur, I think Gerber is tops.

You can register here.

By Mitch Joel