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December 13, 2005 3:16 PM - What Happens When Britney Spears Stays Quiet is a prime example of brand democratization. As pop star Britney Spears battles it out with her new hubby (and Father of her child), Kevin Federline, the online world takes matters into their own hands.

Sign the petition for Britney Spears to dump Kevin, guess the date of their "potential" divorce and win, buy a "Divorce Kevin" t-shirt or click on one of the many ads/Google Adwords (like the one that links to Britney Spears Fragrance).

I doubt the owners of are pulling in the big bucks, but the Blogosphere and even mainstream media are giving this site a lot of attention (even if it is a goof - or not).

The longer Britney and Kevin stay quiet, the more environments will appear. If you were marketing Britney Spears what would you do?

In today's age, everybody is their own National Enquirer, People or US Magazine. It sure is getting harder and harder for "credible sources" or the bigger media houses to deliver the news - especially when they, themselves, are happy to report about "sources" like

I just Blogged about Britney Spears. The end is nigh.

By Mitch Joel