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December 20, 2013 5:48 PM

Digital Wallets, BitCoin, Virtual Currency And The Future Of Your Money

Still confused about BitCoin and virtual currency?

BitCoin is complex and difficult for most people to understand. As if understanding how currency works isn't confusing enough, digital currency is causing many people (banks, government, journalists and more) to pay attention. From digital currency and virtual wallets, everything we know - and are used to - when it comes to our money is going to change and adapt. Think about it this way: when you get your paycheck (every week or so), there actually is no money that is being transferred anywhere. It's all zeroes and ones. It's all data that is transferred from one account to another. Now, with the democratization and digitization of currency, we're starting to see an entirely new kind of gold rush around BitCoin and other virtual currencies. People like Brian Armstrong knows more about this movement than most. He is the founder of Coinbase and in this thirty minute conversation with Kevin Rose (ex-Digg and current Google Ventures) and his Foundation podcast, you will get a very insightful view into startups, digital currency and BitCoin is creating an entirely different economy.

Get up to speed on BitCoin and virtual currencies, by watching this...

By Mitch Joel