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February 21, 2012 4:18 PM

Digital Leaders Seeking Digital Leaders

Twist Image is hiring.

While I do my best to not use this space to self-promote, the Digital Marketing agency that I own (with my three other business partners), Twist Image, continues to experience explosive growth. We have offices in both Toronto and Montreal and employ over one-hundred full-time Digital Marketing professionals. We've had a great few years of record growth (with lots of great new client wins too) and this requires more people (hopefully, like you) to join our team. Because of how connected you are, I'm hopeful that either you or somebody you know may be a good fit for us. Over the decade-plus that we've been in business, we've had people join us from all walks of life... from all over the planet, so if you're considering a future in digital marketing, I hope you will consider taking a look at some of the positions we are looking to fill immediately:

We're looking for...

  • Art Director based in Montreal.
  • Art Director based in Toronto.
  • Senior .NET Developer based in Toronto.
  • Front-End Developer based in Toronto.
  • QA Analyst based in either Montreal or Toronto.
  • Strategist with media skills based in Toronto.
  • Project Manager based in Toronto.
  • Project Manager (entry level) based in Montreal.
  • Project Resource Manager (entry level) based in Montreal.
  • Account Director based in Toronto.
  • Account Supervisor based in Toronto.
  • Account Manager based in Toronto.

What we're not looking for...

We want people who love this space. We want people who are not looking for a job but rather the work that they were meant to do. Our agency touches everything from strategy and design to technology and advertising as a full-service Digital Marketing agency. We work with some of the top brands in the world, so we're looking for people who are up for the challenge and fun that comes from all of this new media thinking. Clockwatchers and people looking to keep their noses in and their hands out need not apply.

What you should know...

All of the descriptions and information is available right here: Twist Image Careers. You should also know that I have nothing to do with HR in our company at this point. So, please ask all questions and send all inquiries through the email address that is given on our careers page. I can't answer questions about experience, salary, where your resume went, etc... in the comment section here. What I can do is tell you that we're looking for talented people and should you fit the bill, trust me, our HR people will reach out to you.

We're looking for Digital Leaders... are you up for the challenge?

By Mitch Joel