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November 18, 200811:07 PM

Comments Comments Everywhere

New micro-sharing platforms are everywhere. Be it Twitter, your status on Facebook or even FriendFeed, there are many (more places) to drop little notes, thoughts or insights. Couple that with a Blog and/or Podcast and your ability to publish your message is simple, easy and free (if you have the time). But, how are you handling the comments?

Have you noticed that people connected to you on Facebook can now comment on your status updates? It's not that new of a functionality, but it should give you pause to realize just how much your content is constantly and consistently being scrutinized. As one of the ways to manage all of this micro-content, you can even set yourself up so that when you tweet on Twitter that content becomes your status on Facebook. If you thought that might make your life more manageable, think again. With people adding comments on your Blog, on Twitter, on FriendFeed and on your Facebook status, being available to curate and manage all of the comments on top of the content you are creating is time consuming.

Getting lots of comments is a good thing. It means people are interested in the content you are creating. Having said that, the more places and chances that people have to comment, the tougher it is organize from a personal stand-point, but more importantly, the tougher it is to archive the information in some kind of manageable format.

The whole idea behind commenting was to create a story - one that has the thoughts of the content creator and those of the community and audience in the same space. How is one supposed to keep the flow and logic going when the comments can appear in any one-three locations?

How do you manage your comments and keep the flow of the content going?

By Mitch Joel