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January 28, 200811:56 PM

Come Work With Me At Twist Image In Beautiful Montreal

I rarely use this Six Pixels of Separation Blog to talk about the comings and goings at Twist Image, but we have had an incredible year of growth (great clients and fun projects). We had done our projections for 2008, but stuff happens (in a good way) and we're looking for a slew of additional people and talent who want to try their hand in the Digital Marketing space on the agency side.

All of the positions are based in Montreal (errr.... Beautiful Montreal). There are a couple of caveats: Being bilingual (English and French) is extremely important and a clear understanding of what it takes to be successful on the agency side of things (creative, organized, tactical, team player, forward thinking, etc...). Most important, this type of operation is not 9-5 (we are, after all, an agency). If you're interested (and I'll list the openings below), please keep in mind that Twist Image is not looking for people who want a job - you can find a job anywhere - we're looking for people who have a passion for the work they do.

Lastly, please do not contact me directly. I have nothing to do with Human Resources here, I'm just using this community space to share the information. I won't be providing additional job descriptions or reviewing your resume. If you feel you have what it takes, please send your information to

Here are the positions we're looking to fill (and we might - if there are multiple rock stars - hire more than one for each position):

- Account Director.

- Project Supervisor.

- Creative Director.

- Web Integrator.

- Web Developer.

- Copywriter.

- Web Art Director.

- Information Architect.

We're also getting very aggressive about opening a Twist Image office in Toronto. If you think you can lead that charge or be an Account Director or lead creative, shoot that along to the email address as well.

Who knows, we may get the chance to work together. How cool would that be?

By Mitch Joel