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July 4, 200610:11 PM

CaseCamp Montreal - What A Night

I had many worries going into CaseCamp Montreal - which took place this evening at the Radio Canada - CBC building (great venue - thanks for the space and snacks Alexandre Henault). My main concern was that the presenters were going to pitch from the stage and not present real client case studies. I am very happy I was so wrong.

The event got underway at 6:00 pm and you can see the line-up of speakers here: CaseCamp Montreal - Presentations. I guess the biggest surprise (pun intended) was Andy Nulman from Airborne Entertainment who did a case study on the value of surprise in marketing by using the CaseCamp Montreal event as a case study for his theories. It was funny, clever, insightful and real. It added a great finale to a special night.

Special thanks to my two business partners, Mickael Kanfi and Aubrey Rosenhek from Twist Image. The fact that they cater to my whims as I take on events like CaseCamp Montreal speaks volumes to our combined vision for where marketing is going.

Also, Bryan Person is a psycho (and I mean that with all of the love in the world). Some of you might remember him as the Boston dude who hopped a bus to New York City for the Across The Sound and For Immediate Release Geek Dinner. It turns out he was vacationing in Montreal this week with his family, so he stopped in. Bryan interviewed a lot of CaseCamp Montreal attendees, and I hope that content and conversations make it to his New Comm Road Podcast. He was also snapping photos - so I look forward to seeing that Flickr set shortly.

All in all, tonight was a magical night. All sixty plus people had a chance to join a new type of conversation. But more importantly, we all learned the value in talking about our clients, the metrics and what success is all about.

Look for a CaseCamp Montreal II date... coming soon.

Today, I am loving the long tail riot.

For more information on CaseCamp, please visit the wiki here: CaseCamp.

By Mitch Joel