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October 24, 2009 9:21 PM

Blogs Are Doing Very Well, Thank You Very Much

Technorati just released their, State Of The Blogosphere 2009, and some of the results will surprise you.

According to the Fast Company Blog post, Blogging Is Dead, Long Live Journalism, writers, Bloggers, Journalists (or whatever you want to call them now) are making some good money from their online Blogging efforts...

"Technorati's killer finding is that among the professional bloggers they surveyed who fall into the 'full time' worker category, the average salary works out at $122,222 - an enormous figure. Those full-timers equate to 46% of the respondees, which means that the majority of bloggers are part-timers - but these guys still take home some $14,777 per year, which isn't to be sniffed at. That means the average blogger salary is about $42,548."

The big news is that the money is not coming from employers, running ads or sponsorship opportunities. The money is coming from everywhere else but their Blogs. 

Bloggers who are active, consistent and have built some semblance of an audience and community are using that platform to convert it into book deals, speaking gigs, more traditional media appointments, and even setting up and running conferences. Essentially, individuals who have used a Blog platform to establish themselves as some sort of recognized authority are not just nurturing their online community, but parlaying it into real business (with dollars attached to it). Let's also not forget those who have used their Blog to gain a significance presence that helped them secure a better position either within their company or with another one.

Amazing to think that it's not about making money off of your Blog, but it is about using your Blog to establish yourself within your industry and community.

By Mitch Joel