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February 23, 200610:12 AM

BlackBerry Messenger Confessions

I am suffering tremendous anxiety over all of this news surrounding the potential shutdown of the BlackBerry email service in the United States. I can't imagine this happening, but the thought of it is giving this self-confessed CrackBerry Addict the worries.

In this week's Blackberry Connection - Your connection to the world of BlackBerry email newsletter I was the subject matter for the article - Top 7 Reasons You Need BlackBerry Messenger.

I actually Blogged about my passion for Blackberry Messenger here - BlackBerry Messenger - when it first came out.

It was fun to think about all of the interesting interactions I have with my BlackBerry Messenger (as pathetic as that sounds when I re-read that sentence).

You can view the full article here: Blackberry Connection - Top 7 Reasons You Need BlackBerry Messenger - by Mitch Joel.

By Mitch Joel