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September 8, 2009 9:01 AM

Asking For Help

Human beings have a tendency to want to help one another. When push comes to shove (it can be an emergency or otherwise) people who would normally never socialize tend to come together with miraculous results.

It's somewhat curious why there still exists certain individuals who see asking for help as a sign of weakness. There are others who see asking for help as too self-promotional. In my first/new/just-released book, Six Pixels of Separation, I make the statement that we no longer live in a world where there are six degrees of separation (where any one individual in the world is connected to anyone else in less than six degrees), because through these amazing online channels and platforms, we are all intrinsically connected. With a simple search, I can follow you and you can follow me (and this changes everything we know about business, marketing, communications and making money).

Today, I'm asking for your help.

I realize in doing this, some will see this as self-promotional (it is). Some might see it as me shilling for my book (I am). But, what choice do we have? In a world where we all overtly promote the notion that you no longer need the permission of Mass Media to share your messages, ideas and thoughts with the world, if I don't ask for your help, should I just sit back in the hopes that a national magazine or television show inform you about my new business book?

So, what kind of help can you provide?

Here are 6 (plus one) ways you can help me make the book, Six Pixels of Separation, a success:

  1. You can buy a copy (online or in-store), read it and enjoy it (if you're so inclined, please feel free to buy multiple copies).
  2. If you think you know everything the book has to offer, please consider buying a copy and passing it on to a friend or colleague who keeps asking you questions about whether or not there is any real business opportunities behind spaces like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
  3. If you are capable of doing a bulk buy, Chris Brogan is making a very special offer right here (and see below): Chris Brogan - Six Pixels and Mitch's Big Day (amazing as I didn't ask for this kind of help, Brogan just did it out of the kindness of his heart).
  4. If you have a Blog or Podcast, please consider creating a book review or mentioning the book (if you would like to have a conversation about the book with me, please let me know - I am willing, able and happy to do this). You can also post your review to Amazon and/or any of the other online merchants.
  5. If you are on Twitter or any other micro-Blogging service, please let your community know that this book exists. Updating your Facebook status or providing a link to the book on your Wall would be nice too.
  6. If you're on some of the other online social space like MySpace, LinkedIn, etc... please mention, review and/or talk about the book there.
  7. If you have some friends or peers who are not highly engaged in the online channels, please consider sending them a note (email, voice mail, in-person, etc...) letting them know about the book.

There is more information about the book here (it is available in hardcover, digital versions - Kindle too - and there is an audio version): Six Pixels of Separation - The Book.

If you are willing to talk the book up, you can get the book cover, photos, etc... here: Six Pixels of Separation artwork.

I have been Blogging since 2003 and I don't think I have ever asked for personal help on this Blog. So, here it goes: will you please help me let the world know about the book, Six Pixels of Separation?

I have also created a list of "helpful people" where I am linking back to everyone who publishes about the book here: Six Pixels of Separation Book Reviews And Media.

Thank you for helping.

By Mitch Joel