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April 3, 2005 4:52 PM

Alert: Creating An Air Canada Flight Alert

I have to admit I love the technology but I hate the experience. This is a common stress/frustration I endure as I scowl the web.

I do love the fact that Air Canada allows you to hop on their site and create a flight notification on the status of your travel. Here's the rub: it takes four clicks and you then have to maximize the window just to get there. Yet it says, clearly, on the homepage "Flight Notification."

I want to use it.... quickly. It's also hampered by doing those four clicks on links that are all over the place and not in the same "mouse zone."

All this and it's only two clicks to buy Travel Insurance.

Bad usability equals bad experience equals people talking badly about your business.

Usability matters and I'd love to know what the website analytics say.

By Mitch Joel