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December 4, 2010 7:46 PM

A Sense Of Place

There's a big lesson here: you have to care about everything that surrounds you first before you can do magnificent things within it.

Below, you will find a TED Talk. This is one of those TED Talks that can (and should!) change your life. We forget (or never even pay attention to) a lot of the things that are around us. We don't take them for granted because we're not even thinking about them. While James Howard Kunstler is talking about public spaces, urban sprawl and creating a sense of place, his concepts dovetail beautifully into the Blog post from yesterday (Online Advertising Sucks). It's may very well be impossible to fix online advertising if we don't fix the platforms and channels first.

Want to think differently and to care differently? Spend your next 20 minutes being blown away by this...

By Mitch Joel