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September 9, 200611:27 PM

A PodCamp Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

C.C. Chapman of Accident Hash and Managing The Gray has posted his collection of pictures from PodCamp over here: PodCamp 2006.

You can see many friendly smiles and happy faces. There was an impromptu late night jam session (yup, me on percussion - don't ask), a CarCast, and a grinding party (literally) at The Grand Canal (what's with John Kerry?).

Final note: you can rest assured I am getting myself a Book Club t-shirt like Angela had.

Also, if you would like to hear my presentation with C.C. Chapman titled, You And Your Brand, you can get it over here: Managing The Gray - Building Your Brand - PodCamp Boston Presentation.

Other presentation can be found here: PodCamp Boston Recordings.

All pictures tagged with "PodCamp" can be found here: PodCamp flickr Set.

Go soak in the Podcasting culture.

By Mitch Joel