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November 10, 201110:29 AM

3 Things About Facebook

Facebook continues to grow, change, add, adapt and connect us all (whether you like it or not).

In the past few weeks there has been three pieces of content that best frame Facebook's place in our society. For some, it's easy to write off Facebook as the online social network du jour. This would be a mistake. While the company has deep challenges ahead of it (like getting a better grip on marketing opportunities and truly creating a more comprehensive mobile strategy), if you're at all interested in marketing and media, do yourself a favor and spend some time reading, watching and thinking about this...

  1. Charlie Rose interviews Mark Zuckerberg. In this exclusive interview, Charlie Rose sits down with the famed founder of Facebook (and CEO) along with Facebook's Chief Operation Officer, Sheryl Sandberg. Pay close attention to the dialogue around business, strategy, growth and the future. Facebook is not just about friends creeping on each other's profile.
  2. Why Facebook Will Win. The current issue of Fast Company creates a four-dog race for technology and business supremacy. This article article pits Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook against one another. Beyond a world where Microsoft doesn't even make it to the final four, it may appear (on the surface) that Facebook just snuck into this list against those behemoths. If that's what you're thinking, you are sorely wrong.
  3. Facebook Will Be 50% Of Online Retail By 2015: Infographic. In the end, most people don't understand Facebook. They don't understand or respect the information and data that they have and everyone else struggles to understand the inherit value of a place that truly has become ubiquitous in how we are connected as people. Facebook is an economy and society unto itself. While that may sound like big words and hyperbole, it's hard not to see the impact of Facebook, when you start looking at data like this. It's all about how people make choices... and huge mitigating factor in making purchasing decisions revolves around our social circles.

With each passing day, Facebook becomes an ever-more interesting company to watch, analyze and lament.

By Mitch Joel