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May 30, 2009 5:15 PM

10 Ways To Re-Energize Your Blog Today

There has been no shortage of people abandoning their Blogs in lieu of newer platforms like Twitter and FriendFeed.

Based on the conversations out there, it also seems like those same people who are no longer Blogging as much also claim to be out of ideas.

Try this...  

Here are 10 Ways To Re-Energize Your Blog:

  1. Grab your local newspaper - pick one column (it could be a news item or op-ed piece) and Blog your own perspective on it.
  2. Wired Magazine and Fast Company - pick up the latest issue, open it up to a random page and Blog about what caught your eye/attention.
  3. Business book - Blog about what your favourite business book is and why.
  4. Frustration - pick something that really frustrates you about business. Blog about it (but include what you would do to fix it).
  5. Ticks and tips - whether it's something cool you're doing with an application or an online platform, everyone has a cool tip, trick or lifehack that they use. Blog about it and explain how you came up with it.
  6. Interview - choose an unsung hero and interview them. Before Blogging about the interview explain why they are an unsung hero.
  7. Google News - I've already Blogged about how much I love Google News. Sign-up, personalize it and use it to find inspiration. You'll probably find multiple Blog entry inspirations every day.
  8. Twitter - since you're so busy on Twitter that you don't have time to Blog, why not pick a meme (or two) that have got you excited and expand on some of your thoughts? Another simple trick is to ask those that are following you on Twitter what they would like you to Blog about.
  9. Events - Blog about an upcoming event or Blog about what your experience was like while attending an event. You can double-dip this one with the interview idea and chat with some of the other attendees (even speakers) and run multiple Blog posts about it.
  10. Crazy thought - how many times have you had a wild idea, thought or provocation? Blog it.

What are some of your tricks to keeping a Blog fresh?

By Mitch Joel